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For the next few weeks; you can send us emails at: sotx89@att.net Put: "tamale request" in the subject line to distinguish your email. Or, CLICK HERE TO SEND EMAIL to the webmaster (and friend) of El Ranchero. We have a close working relationship. 

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el Ranchero Closed Mon. and Tue. OPENS at 6 am Wednesday!

Location:     BALDWIN AT BALBOA  Streets, CC TX
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Please note this website and page will expire in June of 2017.  You can now find us on Facebook as: El Ranchero Tortilla Factory.


(361) 884-2503

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Call or come buy to place special large orders of Tamales.

 schedule a pick up time/date.  

(1)A map to El Ranchero
, Corpus Christi, Texas

(1) Click image to the left for an enlargement of the map to El Ranchero. The column to the right has detailed information. These columns are aligned in numbered-horizontal-rows. Read each row left to right.

Daily Breakfast tacos: Carne Guisada, egg and bean, chorizo and egg, potato and egg, Bacon and egg.

(1)El Ranchero Tortilla Factory Sells: Flour and corn tortillas, and pork Tamales, bean tamales. NOTE: Menudo, and Barbacoa and Chicarones' only on Saturday and Sunday.

(2) Chicharones
click image to see more.

(2) Chicharones' - also known as "Pork Cracklins" and "Pork Rinds". These delicious fried pork skins are fried with small amounts of meat attached. They can be eaten directly or chopped up and mixed with egg for a rich taco filling or eaten with a fork. This would be good as a very occasional treat as the "richness" content factor is through the roof!
$4.25 for a 1/2 lb tray.

Look for a recipe' on pg.2

(2) Great Pig! This tastes so good; it's a most exciting meat to eat! Try to limit yourself to one serving per week. We sell these in half pound packages. We only prepare them Saturday and Sunday mornings and typically run out by noon! 884-2503

Click on the image to see some more.

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(3)Tamales! Click on the photo above to see enlarged photo and other info.

(3a) Price: as of 11-19-2014: One Doz. Cooked Tamales $9.00 +tax



CHOOSE FROM: Spicey or Regular:


Masa Tamales

(5) Click image above to look at an enlargement with more information.

Click on the thumbnail photo to the left to see an enlargement of this freshly ground masa! WE make masa daily. What was once a holiday tradition has now become an everyday available meal.

WE sell two kinds of masa: The Regular Masa as shown here and our own recipe'- Ready Mix.

Regular Masa is $.95/lb.
Ready Mix Masa is $2.00/lb.

Ready Mix comes ready to spread, no need to add lard and spices. Just get it home soak the husks and start spreading masa. Fill with your own "cooked" mince meat or bean filling and cook.

(5) The Pedraza family has operated this factory/ restaurant since the 1970s. WE have sold Tamale Masa at this location since the 1970s.
THE TAMALADA - In the past; in many Mexican families: Several sisters and cousins and aunts would gather to make tamales as a group. They would tell jokes and gossip and laugh. These traditions have become rare due to smaller families and movement of families.

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(6) Corn Tortillas click image for large view.

(6) Corn Tortillas $0.50/10 pack.
This is a substantial Corn Tortilla; not a light tortilla. This is very good for making tacos and also for making enchiladas, and migas as they have substantial body.

(6) El Ranchero grinds the whole corn and makes Corn Tortillas fresh every day.

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(7) Click image to see an
edible photo of this package of tortillas! 

(7) El Ranchero sells Tortillas all day long. WE occasionally run out! A few restaurants in town rely on our delicious tortillas to keep their customers coming back.
People love our Tortillas! --- 10 count pkg is $1.45

884-2503 -- --- --- Pkg of 50 flour Tortillas is $7.00

(7) el Ranchero has been at their present location over 25 years. Their reputation in the community is of high regard. Phone ahead at 8:AM Tuesday through Sunday and have your order prepared for PICK UP ! We, sometimes, sell out early!

Flour tortilla heating instructions on page 2.

(8)Click Image for an enlargement and info.

(8) Chicharones being cooked. El R since 1975. CLICK ON THE small photo, on the left, to enlarge.

On pg. 2 you can see the batch of Chicharones cooling in a bin. Click on the the mascot cowboy on the bronking horse to get to pg.2. Scroll on down to no.11 to find the mascot.

On the right here is a dormant photo* of cows that make up one of our product items. WE dressed one of them up for this photo shoot.
*(not a live photo link, nothing happens if you click on it)

(8) el R prod 8. (as you can see this site is still under construction!)

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(9) Click image for more info.  

(9)  That's Rick Pedraza on the left and his uncle on the right, enjoying an early morning hot cup of coffee: Come by and visit.

El Ranchero is located at a "K" shaped intersection, on 3901 Carmen Street (see map #1 above). Near intersection of Balboa St. and Baldwin Ave. Call (361) 884-2503;

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(10)   corn husks

(10) El Ranchero sells tamale making supplies. Click on the photo to the left to see a photo of corn husks.

The bags of corn husks are $4.20/bag*; Approximately 100 husks to the 1.lb bag. (*as of 6-15-2012)


El Ranchero sells all tamale making ingredients  from:

husks; to spices; to Masa!

(10.1)   Love Gift Basket

(10.1) Who is this?
A delicious gift basket. Click photo to the left to enlarge and for more info.
These are not products for sale. Unless they misbehave!!. Hmmm

(10.1) These girls are not to be eaten unless they misbehave ! +tax.

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That'd be a tasty cup of Menudo on the right here. 

  - --- ---   ---   ---   ---  --->


_.- : -._ MENUDO is currently priced at $3.65 per pint.


(11) _____ Click image to see menudo._

(12) Click on image for a close look at this BBQ or Bar Ba Coa.

The bbq sells by the pound and fractional Lb. depending on whether you want ALL Meat or Mixed.

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(12) The All Meat Bar-Ba-Coa is made from the cheek meats of the cow head.

The Mixed includes other parts of the head.

ALL MEAT is currently priced at $9.95/lb!

MIXED is currently $8.75/ lb.  

Tongue (Lengua) is $10.75/lb.

WE make BarBaCoa on the weekends (Sat. Sun.) only. We will try our best to keep these prices current, but be aware that prices sometimes change suddenly and there may be a variance between what we are charging and what we have posted. We encourage, and will appreciate, your communication regarding any disparity by emailing us at the email link at the top of this page.
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We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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